Hi, I'm Ovie Okeh

Fullstack Web Developer /
Technical Writer

About Me
Ovie Okeh

About Me

I currently work as a Software Engineer at Andela building high-performant and well-tested web applications. I also write technical articles about frontend technologies at The LogRocket Blog. I like to work on a few side projects including Venni, which is a web-based chat app.

I'm not actively searching for a new role but I'm open to new opportunities so don't hesitate to get in touch.

Skills & Services

Frontend Developement

Front End Development is building out the visual components of a website. Using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I build fast, interactive websites.

This also may include integrating a CMS. If you want something quick & simple, I would use WordPress but if you need something a bit more advanced with a ton of custom features and interactivity, then I would use a framework like React or Elm.

Backend Developement

Backend Development is the building out of the non-visual aspects of a website. It is the term used for the behind-the-scenes activities that happen when performing any action on a website.

Using Node.js, Express, and GraphQL, I build well-tested, performant APIs. I also build out Server-side Rendering (SSR) for React web apps.

Technical Writing

Apart from building software, I also write high-quality, in-depth articles related to technology and programming.

While I can write on almost any topic, I am most comfortable writing about frontend technologies and web developement in general. If you have a blog and you need some well-researched content, then get in touch!

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