My articles on JavaScript and React


Practical guide to profiling a React app

Apr 06 2021

Learn how to use the React Profiler to measure and improve the performance of your app.


Improving React application performance: React.memo vs useMemo

Feb 07 2021

Memoisation sounds fancy but it is really just saving a value and using it later. If you're searching for new ways to boost your React app performance then this article might be for you.


Benefits and tradeoffs of going Serverless

Oct 03 2020

If the use case is right, serverless architectures can offer massive reductions in hosting costs and incredible modularity. But you need to be aware of the caveats.


All you need to know about React Render Props

Oct 02 2020

My all-in-one reference guide on render props in React, including how to implement render props, how to implement HOCs, and more.


Publishing a React package to NPM

Oct 01 2020

So you want to publish a React component as a package to npm? This guide has all the information you need.


Integration vs e2e testing

Mar 31 2020

Learn how to differentiate between an integration test vs an end-to-end test. Inspired by real life eureka moments!


A Curious Case of Stale State

Dec 22 2019

An eye-opener on the inner workings of the React useEffect hook.


React Suspense for data fetching

Dec 04 2019

Learn how to use Suspense to orchestrate optimised and predictable loading states in your app.


Creating a "Lists" PWA with React and Firebase

Oct 22 2019

Learn how to build a PWA on a Serverless architecture capable of working offline using React and Firebase.


End to end testing using Cypress.js

Oct 17 2019

Get started writing your first frontend end to end test so that you can catch bugs early and ship error-free features.


State management using only React Hooks

Oct 17 2019

Learn how to manage state using only React Hooks for small to mid-sized applications. Useful for when you don't want to use any third-party libraries.


Nodes in Data Structures – TypeScript

Oct 17 2019

Learn how to implement a simple Node data structure using TypeScript. The first in a series of post about implementing data structures using TypeScript.


How to write better TypeScript

Oct 16 2019

Discover common pitfalls in the way we use TypeScript and learn to maximize your productivity by using the language's features properly.


Truly Reactive Programming with Svelte 3.0

May 20 2019

Learn how Svelte moves reactivity from an API into the JavaScript language itself.